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04 December 2012 @ 08:02 pm
Chinese Translations: http://tieba.baidu.com/p/1886083608?pn=1
Kuroko No Basuke Replace III chapter 2: http://kisekiohno.livejournal.com/966.html
Kuroko No Basuke Replace III chapter 3:Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 FINAL
04 May 2014 @ 10:02 pm
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15 January 2013 @ 09:56 pm

Translated by: KisekiOhno
Proofread by: Animemangadaisuki
I hope you'll enjoy! This is the final part of chapter 3. Its been quite hectic and stressful recently and I didn't have much time to do any translations. There's this small segment where the fonts are quite big :x I tried to change it on LJ but it didn't work. Sorry QAQ
Alex's thoughts are highlighted in BLUE.
Also, sharing of this link would be much appreciated :)

A drop of cold water dripped onto Kagami’s forehead.

“Eh?” Kagami looked up.

The sky that had been clear earlier darkened without Kagami’s knowledge. Dark grey clouds enveloped the landscape.

Is it going to rain? As Kagami was thinking this, huge drops of rain fell down.

“Uwaaa, whats with this?!”

The sudden heavy downpour made it impossible for Kagami to open his eyes, so he could only shout.

“Taiga, this way!”


Kagami had to put his hands on his forehead to block out the rain before his eyes could finally open. He saw Himuro standing, and ran towards him. Their bodies were finally sheltered by the building; it seemed that they had found its entrance.

As soon as Kagami entered the building, Himuro closed the door, hiding from the rain. The sudden downpour had soaked Kagami to the bone.

“Uwaa, I’m all wet.”

Kagami took out a towel from his haversack and looked aroundat his surroundings as he wiped himself. Kagami and Himuro seemed to have entered the school via the emergency exit. There were no other marked entrances in sight; only two corridors that stretched from left to right. Even though it was still day time, the building was in darkness.

There were creepy looking unlocked lockers lining the corridor. Kagami could not help but gulp.

Himuro, standing beside Kagami, patted Alex’s head and said, “Alex, stay here and wait for us.”

Alex obediently sat on the floor.

“Good boy,” Himuro laughed and said, before turning to Kagami, “Well then, shall we get moving?”

“Eh? Is it alright to just leave this fella here? Wait, can he even understand what you’re saying?!” Kagami pointed to Alex as he asked Himuro.

So far, Alex did not stop chasing after Kagami no matter what he said, yet surprisingly, it obeyed Himuro’s words at a critical juncture.

Himuro nodded nonchantly.

“Un. Alex will obey as long as you talk to him nicely.”

Kagami looked at Alex through the corners of his eyes.  Indeed, Alex had always been more obedient to Himuro. No, or rather, he thought Alex obeyed Himuro more because Kagami wasn’t really concerned about Alex.

“And anyway if we were to bring Alex along it would be troublesome for you, right?”

Facing Himuro’s concern, Kagami nodded his head. He was already in an eerie abandoned school, it would be even more troublesome if he were to meet with anything scarier.
Kagami shook his head at the thought of it.

ldquo;Huh? Don’t tell me I’m actually afraid? Wait… What it this feared thing or object? Does it refer to the school premises or……?”

“How could I be afraid!” Kagami blurted out, suddenly angry.

His sudden outburst surprised Himuro. “Uwaa- whats up with you?”

Kagami stared straight into Himuro’s eyes.

“Tatsuya, I’m not afraid at all!”

“Huh? Taiga, you’re not afraid of Alex anymore?”

“No! That’s another matter! No, I’m not talking about this… Anyway, I’m not afraid!” Kagami simply refused to admit that he was scared, and wanted to tell Himuro that he wasn’t afraid at all. “That’s right! I’m not afraid!” Kagami said suddenly, to calm himself down.

Himura was surprised by Kagami’s reaction.

“… Though I don’t understand what you’re talking about,  lets go.”

“Un!” Kagami answered heartily. Not unexpected, Himuro only shook his head.

As they were looking for their target, however, Kagami’s actions began to confuse Himuro.

“……. Taiga?”


Holding a flashlight, Himuro suddenly shot Kagami a question.

“The color on your face, it’s a little pale, isn’t it?”

“… That’s your imagination.”

“You’re sweating bullets too, you know?”

“…… I told you, its your imagination!”

“… Are you afraid?”

“Who says I’m afraid – “

Seeing the Kagami who had been deliberating over the issue before giving an answer, Himuro laughed.

“Taiga, don’t try to act tough.”

“I’m not acting tough!”

“… Is that so. That’s good, then.” With that, Himuro stopped talking.

The rain and wind blew through the broken windows, wetting the school’s floors. Through the wet corridor’s floor came the echoes of footsteps of the two boys. The silent and still atmosphere only made Kagami’s face paler. Kagami could not understand why his body started to become gradually colder when they entered the building.

As he looked at the lockers, he felt that at any moment, something could fly out. When he thought of this, his mind could no longer flush the idea out. Even though his body was cold, it was sweating cold sweat.

What’s wrong with me? Kagami was puzzled with his strange experience. He turned to Himuro, intending to say something. Even though he did not know what to talk about, he needed something to turn his attention away from. However, he was unable to make a sound. Thus, Kagami could only look away.

Kagami looked at Himuro, he saw that Himuro’s expresseion was stiff as if he was nervous. It was Kagami’s first time seeing this side of Himuro, and he began to wonder if he saw ‘something’ he was not supposed to see.

-No, No no, that’s not right. This must’ve been due to the darkness of the place. Himuro is still Himuro. In order to dispel such thoughts, Kagami clenched his fists.

“Ah, this should lead to the gymnasium.”

Himuro’s voice pulled Kagami’s thoughts back to what was in front of them. Himuro shone his torchlight onto the wall to see the sign plastered on it. was indeed the gymnasium.

“We’ll be able to get the basketballs in a little while.” Himuro grinned at Kagami.

This was Himuro’s usual expression, and was one that Kagami was familiar with. Thus, Kagami was finally able to feel relieved.

“After we get the basketballs, lets go back. I’m hungry.”

Hearing Kagami say that, Himuro laughed and said, “That’s right.”

Following the instructions on the sign, the pair finally managed to enter the gymnasium. While the gymnasium was not what they expected it to be, it did have the basic structure of one. Finding the sports equipment room was not difficult. The lock of the equipment room had already broke a long time ago, and when they pushed the door open, a pungent smell burst forth. The two could not help but frown, and hesitated.

“This is…… Really bad.”

“Oh yeah, the guy at my class said that entering the equipment room really needs a lot of courage.”

“Courage, huh…” Himuro muttered, and stepped into the equipment room.


The floor made an annoying sound. At the same time, a susurrous ssh-ssh sound which sounded like something was moving on the ground was emitted. Himuro backed out of the room.

“Just now… Wasn’t there a weird sound?”

Kagami sighed after hearing Himuro’s question.

“Aah, that’s probably… c-cockroaches…”

“Wait, it might even be rats.”

“I-is that so… But no matter what it is, isn’t it very annoying?!”

“It is rather annoying…”

Himuro carefully shone the torchlight into the equipment room. At the very end of the room, he could see a crate full of basketballs.

“Its that, right…”

“Yeah, that’s it.”

Himuro and Kagami stood at the entrance of the equipment room, and looked at the basketballs. The distance between them and the basketballs was probably about 10 steps. But this 10 steps seemed like a huge distance for them at that moment.

Suddenly, a huge gust of wind blew in, and the whole gymnasium seemed to shake. Huge droplets of rain were blown into the gymnasium through the broken windows onto the floor.

“Taiga, stay here and wait for me.”


Himuro smiled at the shocked Kagami.

“After I enter the room, I’ll throw the basketballs out one by one, so Taiga, you stay here and receive them.”

“W-why?! I want to go in and fetch the balls too!”

“Un, which is why I told you to stay here. We’ll use the passing method to do it,” Saying this, Himuro stepped into the room.


With each step Himuro took, the floor made sounds of protest. Kagami had originally wanted to go in as well, but since the floor was weak due to old age and seemed like it was about to collapse, Kagami was so scared that he backed out of the room.

“Tatsuya! Are you alright?” Kagami called out loudly.

Himuro answered without looking back, “Un, I’m still OK for now…”

Creak crEAK CREAK!

The floor beneath Himuro made a sound that was different from the others.


His right leg did not feel right at all, and Himuro did not understand what was happening at first. With the sound CRICK CRACK, Himuro’s right leg sank with the collapse of the floor.

“It hurts!” Himuro, who had lost his balance suddenly, shouted out in pain.


“Taiga, don’t come any closer!”

Seeing that the flustered Kagami was about to rush in and help Himuro, he raised his head to stop him.

“Perhaps you might fall in too.”

“But Tatsuya, your leg…!”

Himuro’s right leg, from the knee downwards, had sunk into the floor.

“…… It sunk into the floor, that’s all. This isn’t a big deal.”

Himuro sat himself onto the floor in an attempt to pull his leg out. However, another unstable sounding noise came out from where his hand was; Himuro immediately stopped what he was doing.

“… Tatsuya, you can’t pull it out?”

Facing Kagami’s question, Himuro could only have his back facing him, unable to answer.

“… Tatsuya…?” He asked again.

However, there was still no answer. Kagami , unable to take it, stepped into the equipment room. The creak cracking noise sounded again, which made Himuro turn his head.

“Idiot! Didn’t I tell you that this was dangerous?”

Himuro sounded stricter than usual, which made Kagami shiver.

“Then what should I do?!” Kagami struggled with his powerlessness, and shouted.

The rainwater that had came in from the broken windows started to wet him. Himuro did not reply. The only sounds that could be heard were the sound of the rain.


The only things that came into Kagami’s mind were, “What should I do… What should I do… What should I do…!” His mind was full of these, and he could not think of a solution. Himuro had always told him to use his brain, and there was no better time than now to use it, if not now, when will it be?! However, his mind was empty and he could not think of anything. Blaming himself for his failure, he forcibly closed his eyes, and the feelings of defeat made kagami blame himself more

Creak crack …

Re-thinking about the creak cracking noises, Kagami looked up at Himuro. Himuro was currently trying out a different position trying to escape. He carefully placed his centre of gravity into his palms. Looking at Himuro struggling, Kagami was suddenly reminded of what he said.

[For Taiga, sitting down obediently and thinking is impossible.] – That’s right. If I can’t sit down and think, then moving about might help.

Kagami slapped the sides of his cheeks to pull himself together, and looked at his surroundings. Amazingly, the frustrating things he was thinking about earlier disappeared. Kagami finally found the answer he needed.

Kagami faced Himuro’s back and shouted loudly, “Tatsuya! Hang in there! I’m going to get the ropes!”

Puzzled, Himuro looked back at Kagami. But by then, Kagami had already run to a place near the entrance of the equipment room. Kagami opened up the room’s doors at one go, and what met him was a dark corridor. He felt scared in his heart – But who cares!Kagami looked for it carefully in the dark, and walked through the corridor.

At this point…

It was slippery. Something cold and wet touched Kagami’s shoulders.


Kagami was bent on finding the rope, and flicked the thing to one side.

“Taiga?!” Himuro’s worried cries came from a distance.

Kagami turned behind towards Himuro’s direction, and had intended to yell out to him, “I’m fine, you just stay there!” but when he turned behind, he got hit by something smelly.


Kagami’s screams, the smell of rain, the stench of an animal, as well as someone calling out his name were the last things Kagami knew before he lost consiousness.

“You two idiot apprentices!”

Even though the tone of her voice was harsh, her actions was the opposite as she helped Himuro with his emergency treatment. Himuro’s head snapped out from its bowing position, and looked up at the person who saved them – the one who taught them basketball, Alexander•Garcia, with her blonde hair and clothes wet by the rain.

Looking at her state, Himuro knew that she did not even bother to bring an umbrella as she rushed out to look for him and Kagami.

They were now inside a car at the front of R school. Alex settled Himuro in the passenger seat as she sat herself in the driver’s seat and helped Himuro with his leg injuries. The unconsious Kagami was lying in the second row, and the golden retriever Alex sat obediently at the last row.

“……Alex, how did you find us here?” Himuro asked in a small voice.

Alex stopped her actions as she answered. “Because I received a call that you two were missing. I went up to your room and found a map.”

Alex knew of the ‘Himuro and Kagami went missing since yesterday’ incident that morning. The reason how they were found to be missing was bacause Himuro’s family had contacted Kagami’s family.

“Our child is going over to your house for a sleepover, but we thought that it was better if we gave you a call to send our regards…”

Thus, with this call, the two children’s lies were exposed, and a huge uproar was caused. Alex, who had received a call, rushed over to the Himuro’s. In order to find out the two’s whereabouts, she went into Himuro’s room, which was where she found the map. The map seemed to have been read many times, and There was a many markings from his house to R school. That was how she found out their destination.

When Alex, who had travelled to R school alone, went into the school’s building, a docile golden retriever rushed up to her. Whilst following it to find the two of them, they found Kagami first. Even though finding someone was a happy thing, Kagami seemed to look flustured. So when Alex put her hand onto Kagami’s shoulder and was intending to tell him, “Calm down”, for some reason he screamed and flicked her hand away. Alex was about to teach Kagami a lesson, butthe golden retriever by her side seemed to want to play, and rushed up to him.When Alex went over to find Himuro, she found him unable to move, with his leg stuck in the ground. Alex managed to save Himuro narrowly, and brought him over to her car.

After hearing the explanation, Himuro said in a soft voice, “What, so its actually like that…”

“And that dog seems to be attached to the two of you… Whats going on?”

“It seems to be a lost dog. It might have escaped from somewhere.”

“Is that so… Well anyway, I’m done with your leg.”

Alex patted Himuro’s knee.

“It hurts!” Himuro whimpered.

Alex started the engine and drove off, with the golden retriever, Kagami, and Himuro in it. It was very quiet in the car. Not a single word was spoken since Alex stepped on the throttle. Himuro was sitting in the front seat, and heard a snore from behind. When he looked back, he saw Kagami snoring loudly with his mouth wide open.

“……Is he asleep?”

Himuro was speechless for a moment by Alex’s sudden question, and could only managed a “un” as a reply.

“He can scream and he can sleep, he really is busy.” The culprit for Kagami’s fear of ghosts lamented.

“I guess he must be tired because we slept out in the open last night.”

“Speaking of which, aren’t you the same… Do you want to sleep?” Alex glanced at Himuro.

To Himuro, even though he could only see the side of Alex’s face, her expressions now were softer than from earlier.

“Maybe she calmed down,” Himuro though as he looked at Alex.

“Whats wrong? Do you have something to say?”

Sensing that Himuro was looking at her, Alex looked at the road ahead and asked.

“… You’re not angry anymore?”

“I’m not angry anymore. The two of you will have to face your respective family’s anger, though.”

Himuro continued looking at Alex.

Alex continued, “Well, I can understand where you’re coming from. If I were you, I would take the balls too if I could. But being injured for the sake of this is crossing the line.”

“…… Sorry.” Himuro lowered his head and apologised as he looked at his right leg.

When his leg was pulled out from the floor, it caused many abrasions, his wounds throbbing, and sending waves of pain. Luckily, he was able to cope with some simple treatment, which was the only fortunate thing that happened.

Upon seeing Himuro’s sad expression, without a word she told him gently, “But Taiga was not injured. You did your best, older brother.”

“…… Don’t cajole me like a child,” Himuro’s voice was gloomy.

Himuro’s own gloomy voice seemed to scare him, and his shoulders could not stop shaking.

Alex glanced at him again, “But you ARE a child. Don’t force yourself to mature so quickly,” as Alex said this, she turned the steering wheel.

Himuro turned his eyes to the wet window.

Alex faced Himuro’s back and continued, “Tatsuya, don’t always compress your feelings because of him.”

“…… I don’t.” Himuro looked at the rain outside, and answered bitterly. “Its not for him. All this, is for my sake. I can’t let him know it’s for his sake. This kind of thing…” Himuro suddenly stopped.

From the start he had thought that this was a foolhardy plan. He did not think that two children’s plan of heading out alone would be successful. However, the rumours about basketball was attactive, and compared to this – facing Kagami’s excited face as he had said those words; he wanted to live up to Kagami’s trust.

Looking at him who had believed in Himuro (himself), Kagami who had firmly believed that they would be able to do it, he felt that, no matter what, he had to reach Kagami’s expectations. Even though Himuro often felt uneasy, but because he and Kagami were always together, this uneasiness was hidden.

The wet windows showed Himuro with a painful expression.

Himuro made a self-deprecating smile.

“Look, this is how childish I am. I’m not as amazing as Taiga thinks I am – “

“Take back that previous line,” Alex suddenly spoke. Her voice was full of sincerity. “Tatsuya, you are not only a child, but you also a gentle person.”

“…… No, I’m not. I am a selfish person,” saying this, as if he did not want to betray someone’s trust, he pushed out his chest. “A selfish person like me doesn’t feel remorseful!”

Stopping the car, Alex looked at the surprised Himuro seriously.

“You are a gentle child, a clever one, at that.” – Even the ‘clever’ part was too much, it was really saddening.

Wanting to say something, but not quite getting the right words, Alex could only bend over to Himuro and give him a kiss. Himuro turned beet-red.

“A-Alex! I already told you, kisses are for intimate people!”

“I have to reward hardworking children!”

Alex winked and smiled slyly. “And you should already be used to it.”

“U-Used to what?!”

Himuro covered the cheek that had been kissed with one hand, his mouth agape.

“…… Really! I don’t want it!” he said, and turned to the window.

“What! To think that I went out of my way to give you a reward!”

Alex lowered her shoulders in an exaggerated manner, before starting up the car again.

You are very gentle. Alex said softly in her heart. Tatsuya is gentle, Taiga is pure. Taiga was pure as he admired tatsuya, while tatsuya was gentle as he wanted to protect taiga. And yet they are only ten and eleven years old.

Kagami had yet to realised how significant this one year gap was. The more Kagami admired Himuro, the more Himuro had to force himself to fit his expectations.

How long more will their relationship continue? Alex was at a loss. Tatsuya is smart. This intelligence will teach him how to put a distance between him and others, teach him how to protect himself, and teach him how to control his emotions. And yet, Taiga, on the other hand –thinking about this, Alex could not help but laugh.

Kagami did not like thinking about many things. Even if one day they were to split paths, they would still be her beloved diciples. And no matter what, they would always have basketball as a link. One day, the answer would be found.

“What are you laughing at?”

Himuro, still looking uncomfortable, asked Alex.

Alex laughed before answering, “Hmm - ? Its nothing, I was just thinking that tomorrow, at this time, both your buttocks would be beaten until they are red!”

“Hey! They wouldn’t be spanking us in this sort of situation, would they?”

“Who knows - ! I’m really looking forward to tomorrow!”

Bringing Himuro, who was even more uncomfortable than ever, as well as Kagami who was happily asleep, Alex continued driving in the rain. With one hand on the steering wheel, with the other ruffling his hair, Alex said again in her heart, “Really, I’m looking forward to your futures.

21 December 2012 @ 09:54 pm
Translated by: KisekiOhno
Proofread by: Animemangadaisuke/Vivian and Amber

Hello everyone!! :D Share this link around with your friends/tumblr/livejournal :3 Also, if you have tips on how to improve my writing, don't hesitate to send me a message/comment to my livejournal, or at my facebook: http://www.facebook.com/offthetv
:) Have a wonderful christmas and happy holidays!

“Should we stop here for today?” Himuro finally stopped walking.
“Shouldn’t we go a little further?” Kagami stared at the path in front of him, as if to trail the path in front of him by making it smaller in his mind.
However,since the torchlight had a limited range, it was difficult to find out where they were going.
Himuro replied, “No, this is enough.” He shone his torchlight onto the pavilion at the side. When he read the park’s map, it showed that there was a pavilion at that area.
“Since we are already at the pavilion, it means that we no longer need to go west. Today we’ll just stop here and rest. Tomorrow, we’ll head towards south and leave this park.”
Regarding Himuro’s suggestion, kagami had no objection, and the pair walked into the pavilion, but found nothing in it except for stools.Tthe stool were designated in a U-shape. Sitting on a stool, Kagami took out two rice balls he had made that morningfrom his haversack. If he were to bring food during peak of summer, it would have already turned bad. However, since they came on a cooler season, it was not a problem.
“As expected, Japanese people should eat rice! This is yours. I prepared some for you too!”
“Uwa! Thanks… Eh?”
Looking at the rice ball he had taken from Kagami, Himuro’s eyes widened.
“Its really big…”
Even though Himuro was holding the plastic-wrapped rice ball with two hands, it was still considered big. Since the rice ball was completely covered with seaweed, it looked like a black ball at first glance.
“Its alright. I used a lot of ingredients to make these. It tastes fantastic!”
Looking at Kagami starting to take big bites out of his rice ball, Himuro laughed.
“No, I’m not worried about that… But to think that you would be able to make such huge rice balls!”
“I used a bowl to make its shape. Won’t it be cooler if we ate a huge rice ball instead of small ones?”
“Taiga you.. Are really a surprising guy.”
“Itadakimasu!” Himuro said to Kagami, and took a bite out of the rice ball. “Un, its delicious! Ah – I ate some beef jerky!”
Hearing Himuro’s praise, Kagami grinned.
“Other than beef jerky, I also added tuna, canned beef, dried bonito and cheese, and…” In one hand Kagami held up his rice ball, on the other hand he held the ingredients used to make the rice balls.
At first, Himuro laughed when he saw how serious Kagami was. Suddenly, he turned away, in surprise. His expression became grim as he stared into the darkness. Seeing how nervous Himuro was, Kagami looked into the darkness.
“…What’s over there?” Himuro whispered, as he put his rice ball on a stool.
“What’s that?” Kagami put his rice ball down too, and looked there carefully, wondering where that thing was. It was impossible for them to see clearly in the dark.
“I’m guessing… Its not human.”
Warily, the two of them stood up from their seats and moved towards the center of the pavilion. Himuro made the decision to flash his torchlight towards the direction of the unidentified object
A sound that seemed to be something stamping on the ground rang out. At the same time, the silhouette of a creature unlike a human appeared on the spot Himuro shone his torchilight on. Its body was crouching as it ran out. Himuro placed himself in front of Kagami to protect him.
“Tatsuya!” Kagami called out.
The creature rushed out at Himuro.
Overwhelmed by its tremendous strength, Himuro accidentally pushed Kagami.
The two of them fell to the ground with a loud ‘THUD’.
“Uuuuu… Tatsuya?!”
Kagami’s facescrunched up in pain. It appeared that he had hurt his waist. He sat up, and looked at Himuro.
“Tatsuya…! Are you alright?.. EEEEKKKKKkkkkk!!!!” Kagami shrieked before tatsuya could even answer him.
Looking at the situation in front of him, Kagami moved backwards rapidly, using his hands and legs like a spider.
“Ta- Tatsuya!” Kagami cried out in fear, his face void of color.
Through the light emitted from the torchlight that was lying on the ground, Kagami could see that Himuro was keeping the same posture and laid on the ground.
“Wait – don’t! Stop, it itches!”
On closer inspection, the attacker was a golden retriever licking Himuro’s face.
“Hey, calm down…” Himuro rubbed the dog’s ears to appease it; it finally got off Himuro’s body and sat down.
“Haaah, that really scared me…”
“The person who got scared should be me!” Looking at them with his back on the walls of the pavilion, Kagami cried out. “Why is there a dog in such a place?!”
“…Why?” Himuro turned his head towards the golden retriever.
The golden retriever was sitting on the floor obediently, wagging its tail as if it were cleaning the floor. Himuro patted its head, and its tail started wagging even more.
“This dog seems to be used to humans… Ah. A collar.” Himuro noticed the collar, and fiddled with it. There seemed to be a name tag underneath the collar.
“There’s a name engraved on it… Taiga, give me the torchlight.” Himuro turned his head, and pointed to the torch that was lying by Kagami’s feet.
“No no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no!!” Kagami shook his head frantically, causing his head to be blurred due to his violent movements.
Himuro could not help but be worried that Kagami might shake his head off.
“I-I- I’m not good with dogs! I can’t do this!”
“Taiga, do you really hate dogs this much?” Himuro reluctantly got up and picked the torchlight up himself.
However, the unwanted golden retriever followed Himuro and ran towards Kagami too with a pitter patter. As a result, the distance between Kagami and the retriever decreased.
“Uwaaa!” Kagami gave another surprising scream, and ran behind a pillar, held on to it.
“Don’t come closer! Didn’t I tell you not to come closer? If you come closer, heaven knows what I might do to you!”
“Taiga, calm down…” Himuro picked up the torchlight, and brought the dog over to the pillar that was furthest away from Kagami.
“The name engraved on the collar is… [Alex].”
With the torchlight shining on the collar, Himuro read out the dog’s name. Upon hearing its own name, Alex gave out a bark in reply.
“AIYEEEEE!” Kagami screamed again and jumped up the pillar, holding on to it.
As Himuro was being amazed by Kagami’s jumping power, he heard his pleas.
“Ta-Tatsuya! That dog, think of ways to fix this problem!”
“Think of ways?”
“Just think of ways to get rid of it!”
“Even if you say that, I can’t do anything about it.”
Himuro looked at the dog Alex. The good natured Alex was sitting down, looking at Himuro happily.
“Isn’t she such an obedient child?”
It was even called Alex. It reminded them of the person who taught them basketball, Alexander•Garcia. Her nickname was also Alex.
“Even their names are the same, don’t you think its nice?”
“Who cares about that?! I don’t think its nice! Not even for a second!” shouted Kagami, who was holding on to the pillar like a koala bear.
“Is that so…?” Himuro said as he patted Alex’s head again.
“Ah, that’s right. If we were to sleep with Alex, we would be able to withstand tonight’s cold weather.”
Listening to Himuro’s surprising suggestion, Kagami nearly fell off the pillar. He hurriedly climbed up the pillar again.
“You’re obviously out to get me!”
“That’s not true. It’s to prevent colds, and anyway I just think that it’s nicer to sleep like this. Even though its not as cold as winter right now, it’ll be able to replace blankets.”
“Then I’d rather catch a cold!”
Looking at the obstinate Kagami, Himuro’s eyebrows slid down and said, “If you want to succeed, the will to challenge everything is important.”
“Uu!” Himuro suddenly squatted down, making painful noises with his mouth.
“Tatsuya!” Kagami frantically came down from the pillar and ran to Himuro, looking at the color of Himuro’s face.
“Tatsuya! Are you alright? Where are you hurting?”
Himuro cried out painfully, and grabbed Kagami’s hand. As if he were enduring a great pain, Himuro held on to Kagami’s hand tightly.
“Tatsuya, where! Where does it hurt?!” Uneasily, Kagami held Himuro’s hand tightly as well.
“If you were to ask me where it hurts…” Himuro used even more strength to hold on to Kagami’s hand, “… I’ve caught you!”
Himuro opened his eyes and looked at Kagami and laughed.
“As expected, the will to challenge everything is important!” After saying that, Himuro placed Kagami’s hand on Alex’s back.
“UWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!” Kagami’s cries of desperation filled the forest that night.
Kagami, who was deceived by Himuro sulked at one side.
“Hey, be a little happier.” Himuro sat himself opposite of Kagami in the pavilion.
However, Kagami continued sitting on the bench with his back facing Himuro refusing to give him a reply.
“I didn’t mean any harm. Isn’t there a therapy called the ‘scared therapy?’ I thought that maybe if you touched the dog your phobia of dogs would be cured.”
Unknowingly, Himuro had already repeated his explanations many times, but Kagami stubbornly refused to turn his back to face him.
As the night progressed it became quieter.
Alex was lying by Himuro’s feet with its eyes closed, and seemed to have fallen asleep.
“Ah-choo!” Kagami made a small sneeze, quivering, before clasping his knees and curling up into a ball.
Even though the weather had become warmer, it was still rather cold at night.
“Taiga, are you alright?” Himuro asked as he looks at Kagami’s back.
Of course, Kagami did not reply. He pouted as he looked into the pitch-black forest.
Even after he had repeatedly told Himuro that he was terrified of dogs, he still went ahead and did such a thing; it was just too much!
Then again, even though he felt that Himuro had went overboard, he did not know how to reconcile with him, who had been apologising profusely. He felt that he had missed the chance to speak…
While Kagami was battling against himself internally, he inevitably let out another sneeze.
Its so cold…! Kagami shivered as he buried his head in between his knees further.
A rustling sound was heard, and a familiar and warm body slid up.
Kagami turned his head to see Himuro leaning against his back.
“If its like this, we’d be a little warmer,” Himuro turned his head and spoke. “We have to work hard to get those basketballs tomorrow, so we’d better rest up.”
“Tatsuya…… I’m sorry. My emotions got the better of me.”
The words that he had been struggling to say earlier were so easily said out. However, he still felt a little awkward about it. After apologising, Kagami did not turn back to look at Himuro, and buried his face into his knees.
“No, the person who should be apologising is me. …Sorry,” Himuro said as he leaned back against Kagami’s back.
Himuro’s weight was transferred onto Kagami. It was indeed much warmer than before, compared to when he was alone. This made him a little bit happy, shy and complacent at the same time. But Kagami, who was not very good at communicating with others, only muttered, “It’s heavy….”
The next morning kicked off with one of Kagami’s screams. The moment he woke up he saw Alex lying at his feet from who-knows-when. Himuro, who was woken up by Kagami’s frantic screams, quickly led Alex out of the pavilion. That finally calmed Kagami down. The pair split up the fruits they brought and had a simple breakfast, and hurried towards the park’s exit.
Kagami run quickly, with Himuro chasing behind at an astonishing speed down the hill. Himuro was chasing behind Kagami, and Alex was chasing behind Himuro.
“That’s why I said, why did we have to bring this fella along?!” While trying to maintain a safe distance from Alex, Kagami turned behind and asked Himuro.
“It can’t be helped, you know. It just wanted to follow us. Taiga, don’t you think it likes you?”
Kagami stared grumpily at the beaming Himuro. Suddenly, he dashed downwards with a black face, with his mouth shouting, “Damn it! I absolutely! Won’t let you catch up with me!”
Thanks to Kagami’s efforts, the two of them left the park earlier than expected. Alex, however, followed the pair closely, which rendered Kagami’s efforts useless.
“Why did it have to follow us…” At a certain corner in a park near a residential area, Kagami was at loss.
But at another corner, the fella that was causing Kagami headaches was at a water tap, Himuro had helped it unscrew the faucet and it was drinking happily.
It was unruffled, and seemd to say that they should be glad that they got some exercise. Kagami hid himself in a corner far away from Alex, and glared at it furiously.
Himuro patted Alex’s head, and, for the first time since they left, spoke, “Its so sad, what should we do with this child?”
“I’ve told you since yesterday! Ignore it; just throw it away!”
“But if we were to throw it away here, wouldn’t it be very pitiful?”
While Himuro mouthed the words ‘pitiful’, he thought about how pitiful Alex would be. His face darkened.
“What! It obviously has nothing to do with us!” Kagami’s words no longer had the pressure he had earlier.
“Arf!” Alex barked, and seemed to be saying that it had drank enough water.
Himuro closed the faucet up and squatted beside Alex.
Himuro scratched Alex’s ears and asked, “Alex, where did you come from? Did anything happen to your master?” But Alex only stared at him with its black eyes.
“Your fur is really clean, seems like your master really doted on you, huh.”
As Himuro had said, Alex’s fur had been combed neatly, and it seemed that it had not been out on the streets for very long. Himuro’s kneading actions were very gentle, and Alex leaned in to rub his nose on his neck.
“Wait, eh, Alex, it itches!” Alex licked Himuro’s face, and he laughed.
To Kagami, this action seems very life-threatening. He shouted in his heart, “Tatsuya will die!”, but other than turning towards their direction to stare at them, he did nothing else.
“Well that’s an adorable dog. What’s its name?” someone asked, and following the direction of that voice, they saw a woman standing there.
“Eh? That…” To be suddenly spoken to like that, Kagami got so frightened that his eyes became round.
The woman was holding a Welsh Corgi; its round eyes surveyed Kagami.
“!!” Since the distance was too close, Kagami froze up. The woman, however, did not notice anything amiss and happily walked towards Himuro.
“That’s an adorable dog. How old is it?”
Himuro was taken aback at the lady’s question, but when he saw that she was staring at Alex intently, he realised that she had been asking about Alex’s age and not his.
“Uh… I’m not too sure how old it is. It’s name is Alex.”
“Ah, so it’s Alex. You must be very happy to be walking with these two brothers, eh?” The lady said as he patted Alex’s head, satisfied, and continued, “Well then, work hard at your walk!” before leaving.
“Taking a walk with the two brothers, eh…” Himuro murmured.
On the other hand, Kagami seemed to have recovered himself from that encounter with the dog, and was taking deep breaths.
“Don’t tell me…” Kagami looked around him carefully, and what he saw stunned him.
No matter what, it was clear that it was still morning. But from all directions, were people walking their dogs.
“Is this hell…!”
“Taiga, I thought of a good idea.”Himuro told the trembling Kagami.
“A method to reach R school safely and successfully.”
“Eh…?! Really?”
Kagami, who had been dazed for some time, suddenly had a gleam in his eyes. “What should we do?!”
Himuro laughed.
“Take a walk with Alex.”
Regarding Himuro’s suggestion, Kagami was naturally against it.
“But if we were to have Alex with us, wouldn’t there be many people looking at us?”
Under Himuro’s persistent persuasion, Kagami finally reluctantly agreed. In fact, them walking Alex was a very good thing. Even though the situation was the same as the day before with two boys moving on their own, the adults did not focus on them anymore. Walking the dog gave the impression of a very close relationship between two brothers. Glancing at them, this was what the passers-by saw from Kagami and Himuro. But of course, the reality was not like that. Kagami made Himuro stand between him and Alex, to ensure as much distance between them as possible.
“There’s nothing you should be afraid of…” Himuro was already getting tired of saying this.
Instead, he changed the topic to divert Kagami’s attention and to make him relax. The first topic would naturally be about basketball. When it came to basketball, there was an endless amount of topics to talk about. At first, Kagami did not respond well, but after Himuro’s relentless talking, he finally forgot the fact that there was a dog walking alongside with them, and he started to talk passionately about basketball. While they were chatting, they would sometimes laugh, or break out in an occasional fight as they made towards their destination. No matter what to any person, this scene would just seem like a pair of very close brothers.
The two boys and one dog finally reached R school just before noon. As what the rumours had said, the school was in ruins. Many of the school’s windows were broken, and much of the walls had already mottled off. The rest were all covered by ivy and fern, and it was hard to imagine that it had been a school once.
“Amazing - ! This place is really tattered!”
Standing outside the school’s walls, Kagami said out his honest feelings as he looked towards the school.
“Let’s find a way in,” Himuro suggested as he led Alex around the outer walls to look.
Kagami sped up his pace, but continued to maintain a safe distance between him and Alex as he caught up with them.
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Translated by: KisekiOhno
Proofread by: Animemangadaisuke/Vivian

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I probably won't be able to finish part 3 by this week as I'm busy with my work and I keep procrastinating LOL. But I've already started working on it; i hope to finish it by next week owo

A car drove past Kagami and Himuro. Unintentionally, Kagami looked into the windows of the car.

Seated inside the car was a white-collared man. Once Kagami saw that, pieces of information started entering his head,  and he began to piece together to form a simple answer.

“… The children can’t drive, which is why they have to depend on the adults to ferry them, right?”

“Yup, that’s correct.”

“Eh? Really?” Kagami looked at Himuro, slightly disappointed.

Himuro looked around for a moment before answering.

“Only adults can drive cars. Which also means that, whenever a child wants to go out, he has to be accompanied by an adult.”

“Isn’t this being over-protective? At least give us some freedom when it comes to going out to play.”

Talking about this, Kagami thought of the nanny his parents employed. Being an American, she could only speak a few japanese words, and would always have a face of dissatisfaction whenever Kagami ran out on his own to play basketball. After arguing fiercely against her, she unwillingly allowed him to play basketball.  Noticing that Kagami was about to complain about something, Himuro opened his mouth to speak.

“Because this is what the law has dictated. After all, we might get kidnapped, so they have no choice but to do this.”

“Kidnapping? How could anyone get kidnapped so easily?! ”

“Taiga, didn’t you say it yourself earlier? America is America, Japan is Japan. Furthermore, crime prevention is the role of the law itself.

“Well, that’s true… wait….that’s weird. Why are we talking about this again?” Kagami was somewhat puzzled.

It could be that Kagami had forgotten why they were talking about this due to his excessive thinking.

As Kagami was trying to figure out the reason for their sudden change of topic, Himuro’s face expression suddenly tightened up and turned serious.

“Also, just having laws alone is not enough to prevent crime, right?” Saying this, Himuro held his brakes and jerked to a stop.


Since it was so sudden, Kagami did not have enough time to stop, and rode past Himuro. Hastily, he turned his bicycle back and headed towards Himuro.

“What’s wrong, Tatsuya?”

As Kagami was riding back towards him, Himuro got down from his bicycle. Kagami looked at Himuro, unsure of what to do. Himuro quickly glanced through the private estate.

“Taiga…” Saying this, Himuro motioned for him to come closer with his index finger.

“What is it?”

As Kagami went over to Himuro, he lowered his voice and said, “Look at me, and don’t take your eyes off me. The police are looking at us.”


“At the corner to the right behind you, there is a police car. They’re probably watching us.”

Kagami nervously tried to look behind.

“I told you, the police are watching us,” Himuro warned, and Kagami turned his head back.

“Why are they watching us?”

“Didn’t I tell you already? It’s to prevent crime. If they find out where we are going, we’ll be brought back home by the police.”

“Really?! what should we do then …?”

“Taiga, calm down. Work with me.”

“W-w-work with you?”

Kagami was unable to calm down. Hearing his nervous question, Himuro suddenly moved away from him, creating a distance between them. For some reason, he rubbed his eyes and said loudly, “Great! There’s no dust in my eyes.”


The unexpected remark made Kagami’s eyes grow wide in surprise. He stared at Himuro with his mouth wide open.

“Lets go home, then.”


Kagami was even more surprised now, with his eyes threatening to pop out of their sockets. Leaving Kagami behind, Himuro made towards the direction of home. Or rather, push his bicycle towards the row of houses they went past earlier. It looked like he was really going to return home.

“Ta-Tatsuya?! EH?? Ah…!”

It was then that Kagami finally realized. Himuro was just putting on an act. He had only pretended to go home to shake off the police. Even after understanding Himuro’s intentions, however, Kagami still had no idea what he had to do. Looking at Kagami who was now standing there motionless, Himuro sighed. He stopped his bicycle at one side and went back to Kagami.

“I know you haven’t had enough time to play, but we should head back. I’ll push the bike for you, so get off.” Himuro held onto the handle.


Since Kagami had no idea how he should respond, Himuro ask him, “Alright?”

So far, Kagami had not said a single word, and nodding his head before hastily came down from the bicycle.  

Himuro’s hand, who was about to reach for the bicycle handlebar, cames into contact with Kagami’s hand that was still holding his bicycle handlebar.


Himuro’s hand was as cold as ice. Kagami breathed a sigh of relief. He looked at Himuro who had now taken over his bicycle and started walking towards the housing area.

“Well then. Lets go.”

Himuro pushed the bicycle along and starts walking into a red house. Laughter came from inside the house. It seemed that someone was inside the house.

“It’ll be OK right… Tatsuya…!”

Kagami, who was following behind Himuro, was so nervous that his hands became damp with cold sweat and his heartbeat was gradually increasing. The two of them stopped at the hedgerow. Any further and it would be considered as illegal trespassing. Himuro stopped the bicycles and reached towards the doors in between of the hedgerow. Kagami was so nervous that he became stiff. At the same time, they finally heard the sound of the police car leaving.


Himuro put his hand down.

“… It seems that they finally left.” Himuro let out a long sigh.

“… Its… Alright now?” Kagami seems tired and his voice was hoarse as he took the bicycle back from Himuro.

“Un. It seems that we made it.” Himuro took his bicycle and backed out of the driveway, before heading back to the path.

“I thought I was going to have a heart attack,” Kagami leaned on the handles.

“I didn’t expect the police to have their eyes on us.”

“Them, having their eyes on us was faster than I had expected.”

“HAA?” Kagami looked up at Himuro in surprise.

“Tatsuya… Don’t tell me… You already expected this to happen?!”

“Un, because riding on bicycles is too conspicuous.”

Furthermore, since they were two Japanese boys alone, they were bound to be targeted by kidnappers, so of course being eyed by the police would be expected.

“To think that my countermeasure for the police would work out smoothly is great!”

Facing such a reply, Kagami asked in disbelief, “You even thought of a countermeasure for this?”

“Un. Otherwise, how could I have acted this naturally?”

“… From the start, you were thinking of tricking the police?”

“Don’t say ‘trick’, it sounds terrible.” Unhappy, Himuro pursed his lips and left on his bicycle, leaving Kagami behind.

Kagami hurriedly left on his bicycle in a bid to catch up with Himuro. While Kagami was furiously pounding on his pedals, he looked at Himuro’s back. While looking at his back, Kagami knew that even now, he was still being cautious. Himuro paid attention to his surroundings and was alert to the slightest movements. Even though Kagami knew that Himuro would resort to anything to reach his goals, he didn’t think that Himuro would think of ways to escape from the clutches of the police.

For a moment, looking at the guy who was in front of him, Kagami felt a sense of pride for Himuro, and felt a warmth bubble up inside him.

He actually thought and planned through to such an extent, it really isn’t easy! Kagami increased his speed, and rode side by side with Himuro.

“As expected of Tatsuya - you’re really amazing!” Kagami gave Himuro a slap on the back.

“It hurts -!” Himuro lost his balance and started tilting to one side.

“What are you doing, Taiga?”

 Finally, Himuro managed to stabilise himself, and glared at Kagami reproachfully. Kagami, however, did not seem to mind, and beamed at him.

“I’m touched! Tatsuya, you’re amazing!”


“You actually managed to trick the police! Its amazing! Really!”

Seeing the beaming Kagami, Himuro said, “Calm down, Taiga...” to no avail.

“… How is that amazing? That was terrible acting,” Himuro’s reasons to justify himself was drowned out by Kagami’s cheers, “Tatsuya is really amazing! I’m really happy to have a brother like Tatsuya!” stating this, Kagami grinned widely. Kagami’s grin was unpretentious and sincere. Himuro could not help but smile.

“Now, really, Taiga. You…” Himuro laughed, happy yet a little shy, “I am just lucky to overcome those obstacle each time.“

Without hesitating to leave the confused Kagami behind, Himuro sped off on his bicycle.

After that, the same situation would appeared again where they were always eyed by the police. Except that this time, even the pedestrians had set their eyes on them. The pair were on alert. If they were to find anything amiss, they would pretend that they were going home, and make a detour before continuing their journey. Their act was repeated several times. Not only did it stretch the distance, it was also time-consuming.

Because they were too busy watching out for the police, unknowingly, they had deviated from their original goal of going west by going north.

“This is beyond my expectations…” said Himuro wearily as he sat on a chair at a park.

Beside Himuro was Kagami, whose mouth was full of hotdog. He nodded his head to show his support. The journey had finally tired the pair, and they bought food from the park’s food vendor for a late lunch.

“If this goes on, it’ll be dark before we even reach there.”

Himuro looked up at the sky and shut his eyes to block out the sun’s rays.

“Maybe we should avoid contact with other people and continue on?”

“… Should we hide?” Kagami, who had finished his first hotdog quickly and was already starting on the second hotdog, unintentionally asked.

“Eh?” Himuro opened his eyes and looked at Kagami, puzzled. “Hide? Where?”

“The forest!”

“Forest? Which forest?”

“Look, its just there.” Kagami stuffed the hotdog into his mouth and pointed towards the north.

Situated on the opposite of the housing area, lay a hill stretching from east to west.

“That hill has many trees, so there should be many hiding spots,” Kagami laughed as he swallowed the hotdog.

“Hill, huh…” Himuro was a bit surprised. “Anyway, that should be a park… Its called the National Forest Park.”

“Ehhh?! That huge area is actually a park?! I thought it was a hill! As expected of America, everything has to be big…” Amazed, Kagami looked northwards.

If they were to hide within the forested area, they would be able to evade the huge number of police and move towards their destination. Even though the idea of evading other people was interesting, Kagami was already feeling tired. Reacting and changing accordingly when problems occur did not suit Kagami’s character. Rather than taking the roundabout method, he would rather rush towards his destination.

“Hey, Tatsuya, lets go to the park and have a look.”


Himuro looked northwards towards the park. Then, as if wanting to sort out his thoughts, he looked up at the sky again, and closed his eyes. Kagami followed Himuro’s actions, and turned his head upwards and closed his eyes, too. Their eyelids could feel the glare of the sun, and the background noises started to get louder.

Even though Himuro always wanted Kagami to ‘cool his head’, what conclusions could he get if he were to do so?

Kagami, who had experienced this for the first time, relaxed. After awhile, the surrounding noise sound surrounding him gradually became quieter and quieter…

“…Taiga… Taiga!”

As his shoulder was shook and his name was called, Kagami woke up. Looking at Himuro who is staring at him, Kagami blinked.

“Eh… Tatsuya?”

“Taiga, don’t fall asleep so suddenly!”

“Eh? I… I fell asleep?!” Kagami hurriedly rubbed his eyes. “I originally wanted to think alongside with Tatsuya…”

“Don’t tell me… You were copying me just now?”

Kagami turned his head to the side, attempting to avoid meeting the stare Himuro was giving him. It was very awkward since he had actually fallen asleep when he was supposed to be thinking. Himuro was stunned for a moment, but he quickly laughed it off.

“Hahaha… You actually fell asleep while thinking?!”

“W-whats so funny?! And this is what you told me to do. You wanted to make me use my brain more!”

Himuro laughed even more when he saw how grumpy Kagami was.

“Alright, alright… Thinking certainly is a good thing. But I finally realised that to make you sit down properly and think is an impossible task.”

“Whats that supposed to mean?!”

Gently ruffling Kagami’s head, Himuro stood up.

“Lets go to the park and try it out.”

“Eh? Really?” Kagami’s annoyance earlier seemed to evaporate, and he jumped up in excitement. Himuro laughed and nodded his head.

“Un. And anyway we’ve already went past our scheduled time, so taking a slight risk that might consume us more time is  not a bad idea. But there are many inclines there. You’d better not complain and say you’re tired later!”

“I won’t - !”

As what Kagami had promised, he did not complain when they were riding up the inclines.

Be it on the ramp of the National Forest Park, in the woods, or on the lush mountain trail, Kagami happily and enthusiastically moved forward.

On the other hand, it was their bicycles that protested. While they were riding towards the west through the National Forest Park, Kagami’s and Himuro’s tires punctured. The reason why their tires punctured was because they had decided to take a bumpier route to avoid people.

In the natural bright tunnel that is formed by the line of woods, the pair sat down in front of their respective bicycles.

“What should we do…?” Kagami held up the completely deflated tire.

There was no other use for the deflated tire, so the only thing they could do was to walk.

“Looks like we’ll have to leave our bikes here…” Himuro looked at the bicycle, and straightened himself up as he had given up hope of patching it up.

“Isn’t it too tiring if we put our bicycles aside and walked there?”

“Un, it will be difficult… But we don’t have a choice.”

“So we’ll leave it here?”


Kagami’s sudden remarks made Himuro slightly confused.

“Kagami, what did you say earlier? Put our bikes here…?”

“Un, that’s right. We’ll leave our bikes here and leave.”

“Are you for real? Put our bikes here and leave? What are you thinking about?”

“But these bikes would only cause us problems since its tries are punctured, right? Even though it’ll be difficult for us to bring the basketballs back, I’m sure we’ll think of a way when we get there.”

Kagami noticed Himuro’s shock expression, but he didn’t care and walked towards the side of the forest.

“Taiga?!” Himuro hurriedly tried to catch up.

Kagami looked around, and found a huge rock.

“Lets just leave it there,” saying this, he went towards the rock.

“If we hide it here, we won’t have to worry about it being stolen, right?” Kagami locked his bicycle.

Himuro looked back at the trail. Indeed, if they were to hide their bicycles underneath the huge rock, it would become a blind spot to passersby, so they would not notice the bicycles.

“We’ll just bring our tools back to repair them next time. What do you think, Tatsuya?” Kagami asked for Himuro’s opinion.

Himuro turned his eyes onto Kagami and stared intently at him, before sighing gently.

“…… Taiga, you really are a miraculous big idiot…"


After giving Kagami a huge blow, he walk towards the trail.

“T-Tatsuya?! This method can’t work?”

“No, there’s nothing wrong with this method. We’ll do as you say and hide the bikes here. But we need to leave some marks so we can find it next time.”

“Oh, is that so? Well leave it to me!”

Himuro put his bicycle inside the rocky crevice, while Kagami set to work, he picked up some dead branches to use as a marker, and later plant it in the soil on the side of the road near to the hiding place of their bicycle. After doing so, Kagami patted the ground with his hands, and asked Himuro, “How’s this?”, to which Himuro nodded his head in approval.

Stepping on the soft soil, the pair hurriedly continued on their way. However, the difference between walking and cycling was huge. Time trickled by slowly, with the sun setting in the west bit by bit. Thanks to Himuro bringing torchlight in his haversack, they were able to navigate through the dark forest.

How much time has passed by since the sun set…?

-End of part 2-

04 December 2012 @ 07:59 pm

3G: The Adventures of TAIGA and TATSUYA

Translated by: KisekiOhno
Proofread by: Animemangadaisuke/ Vivian

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Los Angeles.

Located at the south western part of the United States in America, it is where movies are made, and where famous beaches and neighbourhoods are located. Kagami Taiga had moved to this vibrant and colorful place for a year already.

“Ah – I can’t grab hold of it - !” Inside a park, Kagami was crying out desperately from a corner of a basketball court.

Youths of the same age were engaged in a 3 versus 3 basketball match. Unfortunately, those who had gathered, included kagami would sum up to 7 people in total, which was why they had to take turns playing on the court. Even though it was interesting watching his friends engaging in basketball games, recently, Kagami was more fixated about trying to catch and holds the ball singlehandedly. In order to achieve the skills needed for his dream dunk, he had to first master catching the ball singlehandedly before worrying about his jumping.

Thus, whenever Kagami are free, he would practice catching the ball singlehandedly, to the point that he seemed obsessed with it.

“Damn – As expected, are my hands really that small?”

Underneath Kagami’s trimmed fringe, a pair of eyes glared at the hands that he was unsatisfied with. To the Japanese, it was larger than those of his age. However, compared to the American children, it was still considerably small.

“It should be like this… My fingers should open up a bit more…”

Kagami put his left hand’s fingers in between his right hand’s middle and index finger, trying to push them open by force. Suddenly, he felt an excruciating pain.

“It hurts - !” Kagami rubbed his right hand anxiously, lifting it to his mouth before starting to blow on it.

“… Which is why I told you so many times not to try stretching your own fingers impulsively!” A very surprising voice said.

Kagami hurriedly looked up to the person he had been waiting for.


Himuro, with his fringe covering his left eye, raised his eyebrows, with an obvious frustrated look on his face. He said, “Didn’t I tell you that if you did that, you might pull your tendons?”

“Its fine! I’m strong!”

Looking at Kagami’s grinning face, Himuro had no choice but to force a smile.


The players inside the basketball court waved to Himuro who had just arrived. Himuro waved back lightly, at them.

“When will it be our turn? It should be about time for us to play, right?”

“We only scored three points earlier, so it’s still their turn. But hey! Tatsuya, I have a reeeeeally big piece of news to share with you!”

Kagami patted the side of the bence, urging Himuro to take a seat.

Himuro sat down, in accordance to Kagami’s wishes. Kagami, too, took a seat beside him.

“And what is the great piece of news you are talking about?‘’

Hearing Himuro’s question, Kagami looks around his surroundings sneakily. Even though Kagami had only just heard the news that he was about to tell Himuro, it was still a big secret. He didn’t want others to find out.

Once confirming that no one was evesdropping on their conversation, Kagami leaned in and whispered.

“Tatsuya, do you know about R school?”

“R school? Nope, I’ve never heard anything about that.”

Seeing that Himuro shook his head indicating that he knew nothing about it , Kagami’s eyebrows drooped in disappointment. Even though he himself had never heard of R school, he believed that Himuro, who taught him many things, would know.

“What school is that? Which district is it in?”

Kagami tried desperately to remember, when he was asked.

“Um… I think it should be near a park with an observatory…”

“Observatory, huh… I guess you mean G park?”

“G park! That’s right! That’s the name!” Kagami’s eyes instantly lit up.

Himuro laughed and said, “If it’s at G park, then I think I’ve been brought to play there once t in the past.

“Really?! I heard that R school is quite close to G park. Shall we search for it?”

“I guess so. I think we will be able to find it if I look at the map in my house.”

“Oh oh ! As expected of Tatsuya!”

Kagami looked at Himuro in respect. “Well,” Kagami leaned in even closer, “Lets go to R school together next time!”


“I heard that you can take as many basketballs as you want!”


Himuro looked at Kagami in surprise, with suspicion in his eyes. How in the world would there be such a good deal?

However, Kagami pressed on, “Its true!” Kagami had heard the rumour from a primary school classmate. That classmate seemed to have visited his relatives living near G park the week before, and his brothers had went into R school.

R school had been abandoned for a number of years, and the children living around the area sees it to be the perfect place to test their guts. And this mean sneaking into the school at night, participating in tests of courage.

That classmate gave a vivid description of the horrors of R school. Dark corridors, broken windows, lockers with their doors wide open containing some unidentified objects etc etc. The students listened with rapt attention. Kagami, who was uninterested in ghosts and the like, laughed and said, “You guys are really cowardly!” But there was something that caught Kagami’s attention.

“Inside the sports warehouse are piles of basketballs!”

Kagami got more and more excited, accidentally speaking louder and louder. Himuro, who had been silent throughout, rested his chin on one hand, and thought.

“Don’t tell me you intend to bring those basketballs back?”

Kagami nodded vigorously at that question.

“Yeah! And anyway no one is using those basketballs, so it’s fine, right?”

“Oh – Is that so…?”

“They were treated as rubbish and thrown away, so isn’t it better if we took them back and use them? And since those basketballs were from a gym, they have to be better than ours, right?”

Kagami looked at the basketball in his hands. Its skin had become extremely smooth due to the many rounds of street basketball.

“If its skin was not so smooth, I think I would have been able to catch it with one hand.”

While saying that, Kagami again tried to catch the basketball with one hand. But his efforts failed to bear fruit as Kagami’s right hand kept grazing the ball’s surface, so he couldn’t catch anything, with the ball dropping ,leaving his hand moving about in the thin air.

“Damn it! Just a bit more!”

“I think its more than ‘just a bit’. You, not catching the ball is not the ball’s problem.”

Looking at Kagami staring at him, Himuro changed the topic with a wry smile.

“So? When are you going to get those balls?”

“I haven’t decided yet!”

“……. So…how do you plan to bring them back?”

“Uh? Um… Carry them back?”

“Oh…… is that so… ….You didn’t plan anything at all, did you?”


Himuro shrugged helplessly and fiddled with his fringe as he thought of what to do next.

“… The distance between here and G park is about 20 miles. It’d be impossible for us to walk there.”

20 miles, or around 32 kilometers. It was considerably far for a child.

“EH?! Its that far?!”

Kagami revealed a surprised expression. His mind had been full, thinking about getting those basketballs, but he had not thought of a feasible plan on how he would be doing that.

Frowning, Kagami folded his arms and started to think deeper. “Uuuuu….”

5 minutes later…

“Well, what about riding our bikes?”

Finally, they came to an answer. Himuro, who seemed to have already reached that conclusion some time ago, answered vaguely, “Well, I guess that’s the only way, then.”

“If its just the two of us, this is the only way. It’ll be more convenient since we’re bringing back basketballs. But regarding bicycles…”

Himuro seemed to have some doubts about the idea, as his expression did not relax.

“Tatsuya, is cycling a bad idea for us?”

“Yeah,  a little. But we don’t have a choice. Taiga,  lets just cycle there.”

Himuro finally revealed a smile. Kagami cheered, “Whooo!”

“Well then, approximately how many basketballs are there?”

“According to my classmate, there should be at least two crates full of them!”

“That’s really a lot…even with our bicycles, one trip may not be enough to finish transporting all the basketballs. Looks like we’ll be kept busy the entire day.”

“Don’t tell me we’ll have to do it overnight too?!” Kagami’s eyes gleamed with hope. “Excellent!”

Looking at the energetic Kagami with his hands curled up into a fist, Himuro shook his head lightly.

“Why’re you so happy?”

“Because we’re going to do it overnight! Isn’t that cool? It feels so fulfilling!”

“Um… I guess so…” confused, Himuro smiled vaguely.

“But, if we’re going to do it overnight, we will have to make some ‘special preparations’!”

Himuro said with a smile so bright that kagami couldn’t help but feels shiver down his spine. It was decided by Himuro that they would be carrying out their plan during the weekend.

In the morning of Saturday, because Kagami had been too excited to sleep the night before, he took the chance to enter the kitchen while his parents were still asleep.

After finishing his breakfast quickly, Kagami put in food and water into a haversack and quickly left for the destination on his bike. The destination was at the park where Kagami and Himuro frequently played basketball.

Even though Kagami had intended to reach earlier, Himuro was already there waiting when he arrived. Himuro was leaning against the park’s fence, with his bike parked next to him. His bicycle’s front basket was are the same as Kagami’s, it had a bulging haversack.

“That’s fast, Tatsuya!” Kagami’s voice contained surprise and amazement as he parked his bicycle beside Himuro’s.

“Really? Anyway, did you tell your parents about this?”

“Un!” Kagami thumped his chest excitedly.  “I lied to them about going over to your place for an overnight stay. What about you, Tatsuya?”

“Of course I told them I would stay at your place tonight.”

What Himuro had said about ‘special preparations’ referred to this.

Since they had no idea how many basketballs there were, there are a chance that they would have to spend Saturday and Sunday transporting the basketballs. As a countermeasure, they decided to lie to their parents about going to the other party’s house for an overnight stay. Thus, from now until tomorrow evening, both of them will have their own free time without getting disturb by anyone.

“Well, lets go!” Himuro sat on his bicycle and looked at Kagami.

“Taiga, did you remember the route we should be taking properly?”

“Uh…” Kagami spoke evasively, avoiding Himuro’s eyes.

“Its disturbing that the person who suggested the idea acts like this,” Himuro laughed lightly as he stepped on his pedal and left.

Looking at Himuro who was gradually leaving him behind, Kagami hastily sat on his bicycle and tries to catch up.

“Well, its because my house doesn’t have a suitably-sized map… And anyway, Tatsuya, what about you?”

“I read the map carefully. In short, I memorized the route.”

“Amazing! Really?!”

Under Himuro’s guidance, the pair cycled side by side towards R school in the west. Due to the low humidity and dry air, the wind blew through their hair and stroked their cheeks.

“Riding a bike is really comfortable – “ Kagami happily narrowed his eyes.

“That’s because after arriving at America, the car is used for transportation. Its been a long time since I experienced riding a bike.

“Is it really because of that?”

“Because of? What do you mean?”

Seeing that Kagami is still unclear about it, Himuro looked around before answering.

“Basically, you don’t see any child riding their bikes in this area, right? Well, there’s a reason behind this.”

“Really?” Kagami looked around.

It was then that Kagami noticed. The people on the pavement were walking, and basically no one was riding their bikes like Kagami and Himuro. Even though this area had very few cars, and even though it was a residential area, the driveway was only occupied by a few cars, and nobody seemed to be using another means of transportation like them.

“Isn’t it because there are more people driving their cars?”

“But children can’t drive cars, right? Rather than driving cars, they are driven to their destinations. Again, what do you think is the reason?”

Himuro looked at Kagami and let him think. Recently, Himuro kept using such roundabout methods. Rather than simply answering Kagami’s question straightaway, he made him think of the answer himself.

“This is so troublesome – “ Kagami pouted.

The impatient Kagami Taiga disliked Himuro’s methods.

“Tell me now!”  ‘’ how about giving me the answer now! ‘’

Himuro unceremoniously rejected Kagami’s complaint.

“No can do. Taiga, you should use your brain from time to time. You always get bad marks for your exams because you never think.”

Kagami didn’t expect that to be mentioned. He blushed in embarrassment. A few days ago, his math test paper was seen by Himuro.

“Two points…!”  To Himuro, this kind of result is unheard of. Seeing Kagami’s test paper, Himuro seemed to suffer a huge blow, he remained stiff and dazed for almost half a day before he could recovered his composure.

Also, “That’s because I wasn’t feeling well…” Facing Kagami’s many excuses, Himuro could only sigh.

Thinking back, it was around that time that Himuro started to use the roundabout ways to speak to Kagami.

“That… I didn’t understand the question because it was in english…!” In the end, Kagami found an appropriate excuse, but Himuro shook his head as if to say that it wasn’t the case.

“For Math, even if you don’t understand the question, you should be able to come up with an answer more or less. Generally, Japanese who came to America are mostly good at math, it’s the only subject where we could score better as compared to the other subjects. To think that you would actually score two points is too…!”

“Naggy! That’s for them, not for me! Even if I can’t solve Math problems, I can still survive!”

“If you can’t even add properly, you’re going to have problems adding up basketball points.”


Kagami frowned. Indeed, Kagami always thought that if he could count the basketball points faster, it would be good.

Himuro opened his mouth to speak, worried, “Its not because your brain is bad or anything, its just that you never use your brain to think. I think that if you used your brain more, school wouldn’t be a problem for you.” Himuro encouraged Kagami.

“Ah – Eh?! Didn’t you just praise me?!”
“See, you managed to get a subtle hint. That’s why I said you weren’t stupid.”

“Tatsuya - !”

Himuro laughed and avoided Kagami’s eager eyes and returned to the topic, “Well, what is your answer to my question?”

“How could the children travel by car…?”

Staring intensely at Himuro’s smile, Kagami frowned and bit his lips, as his brain whirred to life.

----- To be continued------

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Kuroko No Basuke Replace III chapter 2G

Seirin High School Basketball club, START!!

Seirin Private High School

Originally, in a newly established school like this, there was no males’ basketball club.

However, during that year’s spring…..

“Well, let’s just make one then!” The newly enrolled Kiyoshi Teppei told a fellow new student, Hyuga Junpei, before turning to sign up for a new club. After Izuki Shun, Mitobe Rinnosuke and Koganei Shinji joined the club, Hyuga Junpei also decided to join, so it was considered a success.

The speech they gave at the school’s rooftop was especially striking, and after a few days –

At Seirin High School’s corridor, Aida Riko was begging Junpei, “I need to buy some stuff for the basketball club, so come with me.” However, the reply she got was surprising.

“After school right? If we go after school, can we meet at the school gate?

They then proceeded to set the time and place to meet at.

Originally I thought that he would be reluctant to come with me…

 Riko stared at Hyuga’s face intently. As Hyuga had just dyed his blonde hair black, Riko was not used to it.

“Whats your problem?”

Hyuga noticed Riko staring at his hair, and frowned in annoyance.

“If you think that my blonde hair was nicer, you’d better save your breath.”

“Don’t say that. But that hairstyle was really funny, it’s great that you were able to dye it black.”

“I didn’t dye my hair for comedic purposes!”

Looking at the annoyed Hyuga, Riko simply laughed and said, “Don’t mind, don’t mind!” before returning to her own class. As she was happily prancing back to her class, she seemed to have a sudden realisation.

She was still in school. Furthermore, there were people walking around the corridor. Prancing around in the school would be too conspicuous. At the same time, after that crazy oath a few days ago, and her being a member of the basketball club was enough to set tongues a wag. It would be bothersome if another rumour were to be circulated. In order to calm herself down, Riko took a deep breath.

Even so, her mouth still curled up into a smile. As expected, she was so happy that it was difficult to control herself.

Looking at the Hyuga who had dyed his hair upon entering high school and had distanced himself from basketball, Riko could do nothing but watch from the sidelines. But the fact that Hyuga had taken up Riko’s proposal without resentment proved that he was beginning to take his beloved basketball seriously.

Even though he was starting to take basketball seriously, it was still a bit too late, Riko thought. After making me worried for so long, you should repay me by taking extra practice. After all, for an athlete, a rusty body and skills is the ultimate life wound that could impact them.

Riko added another segment to her training regime in her mind, < Hyuga-kun’s special training regime> (of course I won’t let him die)” and hurried to her own classroom.

When Riko and Hyuga met at the school’s gate after school, they went to the medicine shop first.

“We’ll need wet dressing cloth, disinfectant, fixed bandages and elastic bandages…”

Riko moved quickly through the store and took the things she needed before putting them into the basket Hyuga was holding.

“That’s fast…”

“Eh? What do you mean?” While facing Riko, Hyuga looked at the shelves before answering.

“Nothing, I just thought that you would hesitate before deciding what you want to buy.

The shop had a lot of medicine, and was displayed in such a way that it would tempt people to buy. Yet Riko showed no signs of hesitation as she chose her items.

“That’s because I did my research beforehand. We shouldn’t waste the club budget we finally managed to get, right?”

“That’s true, but you’re too fast.”

“Well, these are all the things we need. After paying we’ll go to the next store.”

All the things bought were carried by Hyuga, while Riko did all the buying. No matter which shop they were in, Riko’s speed was unbelievably fast. It didn’t take long before the things they needed was all bought. In a blink of an eye, the weight in Hyuga’s hands increased.

As Hyuga was holding the bags in his hands, he sighed again, “How fast – I’ve always thought that girls take  their time shopping.”

“That also depends on the situation, right?”

Riko answered as she walked towards the entrance, after paying.

“I would only hesitate when I’m buying clothes. As for today… I guess it only took me about 15 seconds or so in deciding.”

“Even so, that’s still too fast! How fast are you, anyway?”

“That’s because when buying things, you only have to decide, ‘I want this’, ‘I don’t want this’, ‘I need this’, and ‘I don’t need this’, right? And after that you look at its condition before deciding!”

“Riko, you really are a downright theorist.

Hyuga shrugged his shoulders and looked surprised. Seeing Hyuga like that, Riko laughed happily, “Eh, that may be the case!” and walked out of the shop.

The skies were still clear, and it seemed that evening was still some time away. Following Riko out, Hyuga asked, “Where are we going next?”

Confused, Riko looked back, “Eh?”

“Lets get some drinks. My treat.”

“Eh, why so sudden? Whats wrong?”

Riko looked at Hyuga, surprised. Hyuga seemed to have difficulties answering.

“Well… Its that, you know… A thank-you gift.”

“Thank-you gift? What thank-you gift?”

“Well, its because I’ve caused you a lot of trouble involving basketball in the past, and in the future I might cause you trouble again.”

Hyuga opened up the bags he was holding and looked inside while answering. Riko looked at him, and sighed.

“Now really –! To think that you were actually worried about this! Its so unlike you, Hyuga-kun!”

“Unlike me?! W-What, what do you mean by that?!”

“The reason why I decided to be the coach of the basketball team was because I thought it would be interesting. You guys were so pumped up like idiots. It’s such an interesting thing, and the easiest way to observe this is by being the coach!”

“You… Actually called us idiots…”

Looking at the slightly angry Hyuga, Riko wagged her eyebrows.

“That oath at the school rooftop. I am actually taking that seriously, you know. If you want me to pretend nothing ever happened, I’m going to ignore that.”

“Who’s going to say that? Our basketball team will definitely become the best in Japan!”

Thinking about this, Hyuga suddenly became pumped up with fighting spirit. Riko was happy to see that. “Well then, lets go back!” and turned around.

“When we go back, you guys have to complete your training regime… Ah!”

Riko, who had started walking, suddenly stopped. Her line of vision fell upon the glass panel of the shop she just came out of. Tracing Riko’s line of vision, Hyuga, too, look towards the glass panel. Since he did not know what had attracted Riko’s attention, he scanned through various products of the shop.

“This doesn’t look too bad,” Riko said, dreamily, pointing towards a certain item in the shop. Finally, Hyuga realised what had attracted Riko’s attention. Even so, he had doubts about it.

“Haa? What’s so good about that?”

“What are you talking about? Look at the color! The design! And the functions! Its just what I need, okay?”

“Huh… So having this is really great… HEY! DOES IT HAVE TO be this EXPENSIVE?!” Hyuga shouted, upon looking at the price tag.

For a high school student, that price was certainly not a small sum. Riko must have had the same line of thoughts.

“Yes… It is rather expensive…” Riko murmured, as she walked off.

“Eh? You’re not buying it?” Hyuga asked when he saw Riko’s calm reaction.

The answer he got was, “The price doesn’t suit the conditions I set, so forget about it.”

Hyuga looked at that item in the glass panel again, before turning around and catching up with Riko.

“But I thought you wanted that?”

“Yes, I do. But its not a need.”


“Anyway, Hyuga-kun, have you prepare yourself?”

“Huh? What do you mean?”

The sudden change of topic made Hyuga suspicious. Looking at Hyuga, Riko unhappily pouted.

“Do you have to ask? I’m talking about tomorrow’s preparation, of course! Tomorrow is our first basketball practice! Do you understand, or not?!”

As if to wake Hyuga up, Riko elbowed him.

“I… I understand…”

Aside than having his hands full of stuff, getting attacked by Riko when he was unprotected was killing him.

The next day…

On his way to school, Hyuga met Izuki, and his first line to him was: “Did anything happen?”

“Huh? What are you talking about?”

“Your face says , ‘I am troubled.”

Regarding Izuki’s sharp observations, Hyuga quickly covered his face with one hand in embarrassment.

Since he was too concerned with his facial expressions, he did not notice something flying in his direction.

“It hurts!”

“Hyuga, what are you doing?”

“Its so annoying! Because of you nonsense, it made me want to hide my feelings!”

Izuki simply laughed at Hyuga’s excuse.

“So what? Why are you so tangled up over it?”

Hyuga gave a sigh in surrender at Izuki’s calm smile. It wasn’t like it was a secret anyway. He was just a little annoyed that Izuki’s observations were so spot-on. Hyuga gave Izuki a summary of what happened the day before, when he and Riko had went shopping together, including the part at the shop, where Riko had seen something she had wanted, but did not buy.

“Since I’m going to bring Riko more trouble in the future, I thought that, maybe I could give her something… As a thank-you present…”

“Well, that’s true… Isn’t it a great idea?” Izuki nodded his head after listening to what had happened.

“If I am going to give Riko a present, it should be something she likes. But the thing she wants is really beyond my expectations.”

“Yeah, but if its her, then the item will be useful in basketball… Its just that its too expensive…”

Hyuga regretted using up all his money during a brief and useless period of time.

“Dammit! If only I was better at the crane game! Otherwise, catching that doll would not have cost me 3000 yen!” Hyuga lamented.

“But you don’t have to be so worried,” Izuki laughed and said. “Hyuga, isn’t this the time where your teammates come in handy?”


Izuki fished out his handphone from his pocket and waved it around.

“Riko is our team’s coach, so shouldn’t we all give her a present?” Izuki said. “I’ll try contacting the rest.” Izuki started typing out a mail.

Looking at Izuki sending the mails out, Hyuga thought,  “Oh yeah… My teammates…” his heart repeated the words silently.

“Yeah, sure! ^_^ What time should we go and buy it? (>_<)Oh yeah, Mitobe said OK too!”

Looking at the reply Koganei sent, Hyuga thought, “so many emoticons…”

At the same time, Hyuga had a question.

“Hey… That guy Mitobe…  I’ve never actually seen him speak before.”

“Eh – Me too. But if there’s Koganei around, I’m sure communicating with him will be no problem!”

“Is that so?”

“Yeah! And I don’t really mind anyway… Actually, I’d like to see when my cold jokes can make Mitobe laugh. If so, that would be really amazing!”

“Yeah, it would be. But this sort of things won’t happen in your lifetime, so give up.”

Other than Koganei, no one else sent a reply. Teppei, however, made a trip personally.

“Yo! You wanted to buy Riko a present, yeah?”

When Hyuga and Izuki walked into the classroom, they were greeted with a grinning Teppei sitting on Hyuga’s table.

“Why are you in here?!” Hyuga stared, as Teppei continued grinning innocently.

“I thought that it would be quicker if I come here personally.”

“Obviously texting back would be faster by thousands of times!”

“Is that so? But my hands are so big, so texting is really a bother!”

“Listening to you really pisses me off!”

“Hyuga, don’t be like that! I can see your eye twitching.” Izuki suggested.

Even though Hyuga and Teppei had already known each other for some time, there was still some resistance from Hyuga. Even so, no matter how angry Hyuga was, Teppei would always have that serene face on.

“Now, lets talk about buying Riko a present, then.” And thus, the topic came back.

“Should we buy it today?”

“Today?!” Hyuga and Izuki asked, surprised.

“You DO know what day it is today, right?”

“You know, today is our first basketball practice. If we’re late there would be dire consequences.”

Hyuga and Izuki took turns to refute the idea. However, Teppei replied, “No biggie. It’ll be OK if we buy it before practice starts.” Teppei continued to smile innocently and rebutted their refute.

“If we want to give Riko a present, today’s the best day, right?”

Indeed, giving her the present on the first day of basketball practice would be the best. It also make sense to give her the present while she still wants it.

No matter what, the decision Teppei made was right. Even if there were people unwilling to participate, Teppei would always smile and say, “It’s do-able!” And it was true, whatever teppei said, he never failed to do it.

Even though Hyuga did not want to admit it, inside he had always thought that Teppei was one amazing guy.

But it is also because of teppei’s overly optimistic way of thinking that Hyuga is always annoyed by him.

Before Izuki could say anything, the one standing beside him started saying loudly, “That is why you are so annoying!!!  No wonder you are called the iron heartas you are so stubborn!! ” , ….. Even though Hyuga pouted his unpleasantness, he said nothing to oppose the idea.)

When the school bell rang, the 5 members of Seirin’s Basketball Club gathered by the school gate. Due to the fact that they were atheletes to begin with, their movements were quick, which was why, they were sure that they  would be able to buy Riko’s present before the basketball practice started.

“Hey, this is the first time we’re all going out together,” said Koganei, who stood in the middle of the group, laughing as they made their way to the shop.

“That’s true,” Hyuga thought as he looked over at the other members. To his surprise, his eyes met with Mitobe’s, whom Hyuga had never seen speaking before.

Hyuga didn’t feel nice if he were to pull away from the eye contact suddenly, but staring continuously at Mitobe seemed strange too. While Hyuga was thinking of which course of action should be taken, Mitobe simply smiled. This helped to end the awkward moment.  Even though Hyuga was slow in response, at least it has ended.

‘’Its okay…like this right ?? ’’

As it was Hyuga’s first time ‘’talking’’ to Mitobe, he was not used to it and was a bit hesitant.

“Mitobe, Mitobe!~ Look at Teppei’s hand, its HUUUUUGE! Come and compare yours with his, lets see whose hand is bigger!”

Following Koganei’s words, Mitobe turned back to compare their hands.

“What a weird guy.” Hyuga shifted his eyes away from Mitobe.

5 minutes later, however, the impression Hyuga had of Mitobe changed 180 degrees.

“Eh?! People actually call Teppei <Iron-heart>? Why is that so? Because you’re an iron OTAKU?!”
“HUH ?! seriously ?? So I’m actually an Iron OTAKU?”

“What are you so surprised for! Koganei, people call him <iron-heart>  because his style in basketball…”

“Eh, really?! I had this nickname because of my name, Teppei…”

“No, although there is that possibility! But hey, you guys are really a load of trouble!”

Hyuga had been grumbling, complaining and scolding both Teppei and Koganei non-stop, although they had only been walking together for less than 5 minutes, but he could not hold his anger in when faced by the useless topics and dialogue exchanged by the two of them, and like this Hyuga took up the character of a grumpy person

“… If you want to buy something, we should get the best! Here comes my inspiration!!”

“Who will want to listen?!” Facing Izuki’s cold jokes, Hyuga once again took up the role of a grumpy person.

Even though they were only out for only 10 minutes, Hyuga was already feeling very tired.

Don’t tell me… I have to suffer like this in future? Hyuga started to get a bad feeling about it.

Unaware of Hyuga’s feelings, Teppei asked, “Whats coming ~ ??”

“Ah – is that the one? An excavator is coming! That’s so cool !”

“Ah ah, Any vehicle is fine!”

Its because of listening to teppei and koganei’s constant speed of changing their illogical topic that Hyuga changed his opinion of Mitobe < the art of obtaining a high level of ability to listen to others > and by looking at his face, Hyuga knew that he was not the type of person who will speak to himself when he is alone, which was great.

While appreciating the benefits of Mitobe’s silence, Hyuga turned around and saw Mitobe who was now facing him and Koganei with a nervous and restless expression, walking in a nervous way as koganei was starting to go out of topic again. Secretly in his heart, Hyuga gave a ‘’ TUMBS UP’’ and a loud ‘’GOOD JOB’’ for Mitobe.

When they reached their destination, everyone contributed 2000 yen each for the present, and placed the present in a pouch with ribbons.

While they were walking back, Hyuga looked at the time. It seemed that they could make it in time. While they were crossing the bridge, they came across a guy wearing seirin’s uniform, from the other side of the bridge walking towards them.

Upon seeing that guy, Teppei happily shouted ’‘oooooi!~’ while waving to him.

The guy seemed to have noticed Teppei, and returned him a friendly smile while waving back.

“Who’s that?” Koganei asked Teppei.

“That’s Tsuchida Satoshi-kun. He’s my classmate, and he’s a good person.”

When the two parties finally met on the middle of the bridge, they stopped.

Tsuchida looked at Hyuga whom he had met for the first time, smiled and said, “Hello.” Hyuga smiled back in return. This guy seems to be a cheerful person.

“Kiyoshi-kun, did you return because you forgot something?” Tsuchida asked in a friendly manner.

“Nah, I just went and bought something with my basketball club members.

“Oh, is that so? So the basketball club really did form. That’s amazing.”

“Is it really that amazing?” Teppei scratched his head, astonished.

“It’s amazing! I thought that creating a new club would be difficult since we just enrolled in here. That oath at the rooftop was amazing too, when I saw the passion you all had.”

Hyuga felt surprised at Tsuchida’s words. Ever since the oath on the rooftop a few days ago, all the members of the basketball club were labelled as ‘clowns’. However, what Tsuchida said differed from other people’s responses. Since he does not seem to be the type to lie, what he said must be from the bottom of his heart.

So, there are actually people like him, huh. Hyuga felt a little happy.

“Ne, ne, does Tsuchida-kun want to join the basketball club too?”

The person who spoke unexpectedly was of course Koganei. Everyone looked at each other, surprised. However, Koganei continued.

“We’re still recruiting! Let’s play basketball together!”

“Oh… But… I’ve never played basketball before…”

Tsuchida was in a dilemma, and frowned. Koganei laughed.

No problem, no problem! I don’t have much experience either! And anyway there are so many people here who knows how to play basketball; we can get them to teach us!”

“That’s true. I guess many people only start playing basketball when they enter Senior High. I too wouldn’t want to have only experienced players to join the basketball club. If Tsuchida-kun could join us, I’m sure the basketball club would be more fun.” Teppei laughed and tried helping Koganei.


Tsuchida was still in a dilemma. Izuki, who couldn’t take it anymore, decided to lend a helping hand.

“You guys, don’t say such weird things suddenly. Tsuchida-kun would feel troubled if we suddenly bombarded him with so many things.”

“Ah, that’s true. Sorry, we must’ve troubled you, right?”

Tsuchida felt guilty as Koganei apologised.

“Oh no, no. I’m fine. I was just a little surprised, that’s all.”

“That’s great! But if you are interested to join us, we’ll be more than happy welcome you! Even though we don’t have a female club manager, we do have a female coach!”

Well I guess even that Riko would be have some girl’s charm … Hyuga thought.

“Hyuga, what do you think?”


Since Teppei suddenly shot him a question, Hyuga was caught off guard. “Ah, no I just thought that no matter what, Riko is still a girl after all.” After saying this, he realised that that wasn’t even part of the question. Hyuga thought for awhile, and replied again.

“… I think our practice will be quite tough, since we’re serious about becoming Japan’s number 1. But the meaning of basketball was not limited to this.

Tsuchida laughed and nodded his head in agreement. “Is that so?”

“Its about time we left. If we don’t go now, we may not even have enough time to change.”

Izuki look at his watch. The needle on the watch are inching closer and closer to the time of the practice.

“That’s right. Aida-san would be happy with this present!”

Koganei happily opened up the bag containing the present. At this moment…


Suddenly, a huge gust of wind blew by.


As the wind was too sudden, everyone lost their footing.

‘’ uwaa wa wa  . . . ahh’’

Especially Koganei, who wobbled on the bridge, before knocking into the railing of the bridge.

“It hurts..… . . . . .  !!”

Looking at Koganei who was unable to speak due to the pain, Izuki and Mitobe ran up to him worriedly.

“Koganei-kun! Are you alright?”

“Ah… Ah… It only hurts a little… …. AH?!”

“W-whats wrong?!”

When they heard his shouts, everyone gathered around him anxiously.

“Don’t tell me… Your bone is broken?!”

“Its gone!”

“Whats gone ?!!! ”

“The present… . . …  Its gone !”

“What did you say?!”

Koganei opened up his hands and showed them. Indeed, the hands that were carrying the present earlier was now empty.

“Ah! Its there!”

Tsuchida leaned over the railing and pointed downwards.

“AHHHHHHHHH ……… !!!” they wailed in despair.

By coincidence , the present had dropped onto a passing truck.

“Wait! It dropped there?”

“Damn it! Wait for me – “

Hyuga climbed onto the railing and tried to jump down, but Izuki stopped him.

“I-Idiot! What do you think you’re doing?! Do you think you’re a hollywood star or something? Think this through carefully !”

“By the time I think this through, the truck would already have left !!!”

“Before that you would have died first !!

“In any case, lets call the police and let them know our present are stolen !! ‘’

Hyuga roared in anger at Teppei, who had taken out his handphone.

“You idiot - !  The police won’t be bothered by cases like this!! ‘’

“Then what should we do?!”

“… Lets just try and look for it first.”

Hearing Tsuchida’s suggestion, the entire group looked at him.

“Then lets do this!”

<At the school gymnasium after school…>

The polished floor sparkled under the rays of the sunset. Riko seethed with anger as she stood on the gym ground, with both hands folded.

“…So, What in the world is happening?!”

Riko’s voice sent shivers down their spines. The basketball members could not help but tremble at Riko’s posture.

‘’So what is it ?!?! What happened ?!?! How did the situation become like this ?? ‘’

Hyuga lowered his head. It was only natural for Riko to be angry. The basketball members, who were late for their first basketball practice, met with Riko, who was waiting for them at the gym alone.

When Riko saw how their uniforms were drenched with sweat and mud, her eyes widened. She narrowed her eyes, and told them angrily, “GO AND CHANGE YOUR CLOTHES!! NOW!!! ”

Hyuga and the rest hastily changed and returned. This summed up their entire plight.

No matter what, it was their mistake to begin with. Hyuga decided to stay silent, thinking that it was better to let Riko vent her anger by scolding them.

The rest seemed to share the same thoughts. No one talked back, lowering their heads waiting for Riko to continue her words.

Slowly, Riko scanned through the members. “…you guys...are you really serious about this?” She asked coldly.

Hearing that, everyone looked up to see Riko’s expression. Her expression was different from before.

It was now even colder than ice.

“Don’t you have anything to say?”

Her voice now was a mixture of anger and other feelings.

The blow from being betrayed by people she trusted –


Hyuga and Teppei apologised at the same time, heads bowed.

“I’m serious about this! I’m really sorry about today! It was because I entrusted the others to do something weird…!”

“No, it was me who suggested buying it today!”

Following Hyuga and Teppei, Koganei, Izuki and Mitobe bowed their heads too.

With his head pressed tightly to the ground beside Mitobe, Koganei spoke.

“Sorry! It was because of me that the thing was lost! If I had held on to it tighter it wouldn’t have dropped!”

“If only I chased after it immediately…!” Izuki also said regretfully.

All of them had the same posture as they apologised.

Their voices echoed throughout the gym, and sent vibrations toRiko’s feet. Listening to the loud apologies, Riko looked at Hyuga, confused.

“W-W-Wait …  Wait a minute! What’s all this about? What in the world did you guys do!? where did you go? ”

Riko clapped her hands causing the five boys to look up at her.

The members look at each other, before their eyes settled on Hyuga.

“Hyuga-kun? What did you guys do?”

Hyuga seemed apologetic as he took a small pouch out from his pocket.

“Well… Its actually like this.”

“What’s this?”

“… I-It’s a thank… Thank-you gift.”


Hyuga bit his lip. When he was going to give the present to the intended person, he suddenly felt shy. However, if he did not speak, Riko would not be able to understand.

“What is this?” Riko asked Hyuga.

“That’s a present for Riko.” The person who spoke was Teppei.


“Yes. We wanted to express our thanks to Riko who has become our coach.”

“Oh… . … ..”

Riko was so surprised that her eyes became big and round, staring at the box intensely.

“Well, open it up,” Izuki urged.

Riko took the box from Hyuga’s hands, knelt on the floor, and continue to stare at it. Its packaging had been dirtied, and looks like it had been knocked over by something. The box was also out of shape. However, the ribbon tied to the box is still tied to it tightly.

Riko reached out to remove the ribbon, decided to look at the present herself.

“Originally it was in a paper bag… But in the middle of our journey it broke… The ribbon was retied by Mitobe. Hopefully it can still look like a present,” Koganei explained apologetically, while Mitobe nodded furiously.

In the box was a pink coloured whistle.

“This… This is the one I said I wanted…”

“Un. If you want to use it, today’s the best day.” Hyuga said, slightly embarrassed.

“I’m so happy… Thank you! – Hey, wait!”

Riko’s finally softened expression suddenly became stern again.

“Don’t tell me… You went through so much trouble just to buy this thing?”

“Ah… There’s actually a deeper reason than this.” Hyuga told Riko everything that had happened.

“So that’s what you did?! You chased after that truck, and ran back?!”



Riko shouted loudly, causing the sound to bounce off the walls of the gym.

“Why did you do this ?!”


“If you lost it, just buy it back! Haven’t you guys even thought of that?”


“If you were injured, then what do you plan on doing?!”

“Sorry…… … ... ..Huh?”

Hyuga, who was bowing continuously to Riko, suddenly stopped.

“You guys were chasing after a truck in a road with heavy traffic! What if you got injured?! Didn’t you think of what would happen next?! That if you were injured, you’d have to quit basketball ?!”

The five boys lift up their heads, looking at Riko’s angry expression, her face turning red.

Riko’s anger right now was different from earlier, she was now angry at their reckless behaviors instead.”

Its our coach, Hyuga suddenly realized.

“Do you understand now?!”

“Y-Yes!”  The group, quickly straightening their backs and answered loudly.

“Very good!” Riko nodded.

 Happily, she clapped her hands, and said :

“Well then, stand up! Practice is going to start now!”

The members, having been released from their sitting positions, groaned as their legs were numb and cramping up.

Taking the oppourtunity, Riko put on the pink whistle, and carefully patted the treasured whistle on her chest.

“Hm, it suits you perfectly.” Izuki commented.

Riko laughed and faced everyone.

“Um, this……I would like to thanks everyone. I’ll really treasure it.”

“Aha, we should be the one thanking you. We’ll be counting on you from now on, coach!”

Listening to what Hyuga had said, the other four nodded their heads in agreement.

‘’Coach, huh… ‘’ …..  Riko whispered softly to herself.

She then patted herself on the chest.

“Leave it to me !!”

On this day, the Seirin Basketball Club was officially established.

Of course, this little-known  team that would shock everyone with its fantastic performance , it was something that would be happening in a few months’ time.

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